Review of Responses to Hackney Council's Proposal

As many of you know by now, Hackney is introducing livelihood crushing parking rules that make life much, much worse (and more expensive) for motorcyclists in London, especially those who work or commute in Hackney.

I review the responses to their consultation here, ask why the council is pressing ahead despite such strong dissatisfaction with the proposal and outline what you can do to urge the council to reconsider their brash decsion.

What did people tell Hackney Council about their proposal?

Despite ~80% of respondents being in disagreement with Hackney Council's proposals, the council has chosen to push ahead with these livelihood crushing measures without addressing the extent to which their proposal has been opposed.

Is Hackney Council being fair?

In short, no. Here's why:

Hackney council is now allowing residents to purchase a permit both for a car and for a motorcycle - this means residents who previously had only a motorbike can now also park a car on Hackney's street. It is hard to see how this aligns with the Council's stated goal of promoting cleaner modes of transport. It does however, help generate more revenue for the Council.

In all of its terminology the council mentions "motorcycles" rather than the more accurate term using in many other government publications of "powered two wheelers". We believe this is intentional - motorcycles conjures images of loud, polluting 1980s style bikes but the reality is that the majority of powered two wheelers on the road are relatively low emission scooters and small bikes that are better suited to city riding.

Hackney Council's document outlining their decision does not address that 80% of responses disagreed with their proposal. This is not a small amount - 4 in 5 people are against this.

Talking points

How will these changes affect our lives and why they are based on questionable logic.

See for yourself

📇 Consultation Summary Report
📇 Overview of Consultation
📇 Hackney Council Review & Decision Document