Hello there

Thanks for stopping by! I think it's about time that motorcyclists had a useful parking map they can actually use.

That's why I have started building Motorbike Parking London. It will of course show all the motorcycle-only parking bays and I am also hoping to add car parks, borough boundaries and parking rules, unofficial parking spots and other features like theft rates so you can see how safe an area is to park. Oh and all this works on your phone - including geolocation so you can see the nearest spaces wherever you are.

The map is constantly being updated

As of October 2020 this project is a few days old. I am working my way through all the London boroughs to get parking bay data from them. So far Islington, Camden and Southwark are on the map and appear to be some of the more forward thinking councils.

If you have data on parking bays in London and would be open to sharing it with me, please send me an email on [email protected].

I am also working out how to easily visualise areas where you can park for free in pay+display bays on street. Shoreditch have also started charging for motorcycle parking in some areas, so there's that to contend with too. I'm working on it!

You can also suggest new spots below.

Add spots to map

Please use the form below to suggest parking spots or other places to add to the map.

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Er, right now, me. The plan is that sponsors can have a prominent icon on the map for a small monthly fee. A few of these sponsors should be enough to cover the costs. I'm also willing to run advertisements in the blue overlay box on the map for motorbike shops, dealers and other related businesses.

Is it London only?

We've already started listing bays in Birmingham. Although our focus is on making this as comprehensive as possible for London, where the need is greatest. If you think something like this would be helpful for your city too (in the UK or internationally) shoot me and email and I will see if I can help.

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